12 Days Of Christmas: The Silent Partner

Elliott Gould is a bank teller who discovers that the bank he works in is about to be robbed during the busy Christmas season. Gould decides to help himself. He stacks his till full of cash. When the robber disguised as Santa Claus comes to rob the bank, Gould gives him some of the cash and pockets the rest for himself. When the robber played by Christopher Plummer discovers that more money was reported missing than what he actually took, he quickly realizes what has happened and wants his money. Gould is way over his head in dealing with the psychotic Plummer.

This awesome thriller is a brilliant game of cat and mouse. The Silent Partner (1978) is a Canadian movie made at the start of the Canadian governments “Capital Cost Allowance” plan to create more interest in the Canadian film industry.

Directed by Daryl Duke who biggest movies were The Thorn Birds and Tai Pan that he made for TV. The screenplay was adapted by Curtis Hanson from a Danish novel called Tænk på et tal by writer Anders Bodelsen. Susannah York and a very young John Candy co-star. The movie is hard to track down but it’s worth the effort.

Author: Shane Hnetka

Shane Hnetka spends most of his life watching movies and reading comic books, using his vast knowledge of genre culture for evil instead of good.

9 thoughts on “12 Days Of Christmas: The Silent Partner”

  1. “Directed by Daryl Duke whose biggest movies were … made for TV.”

    TV, you say?
    That’s unfortunate.
    I don’t watch TV anymore. I blew out the set when I reached for the remote control and picked up my water pistol instead.

  2. The closeup of the till brings back memories, doesn’t it? Unless you were born after 1986, I mean.

  3. Hi Barb. Not sure what happened to Celine. I do recall a horror film she was in years ago called The Kiss. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine and probably better.

  4. Last Christmas, in the States, a 23-year-old man, a.k.a. the Santa Claus Burglar, got stuck in the chimney of a house he was attempting to rob. He spent six hours there before he was rescued, and then charged. I’m sure it happens all the time.

  5. Great movie Chris Plummer is just plain scary; the late John Candy has a small dramantic role

  6. Brian, pay no attention to Matheson. If Lou Reed can take the “metal” out of Metallica, you can call Plummer whatever you want.

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