Popular radio personality Monty Woolley is traveling around the countryside on a lecture tour. When he slips on the ice in front of a prominent Ohio family’s house he moves in until he is well enough to leave, turning the household into utter chaos just in time for the Christmas holidays. Woolley’s personal assistant is Bette Davis and she falls for a local reporter. When she tells Woolley that she’s leaving him he goes out of his way to stop her by bringing in Ann Sheridan to woo the reporter away from Davis.

Directed by William Keighley who made the brilliant The Adventures of Robin Hood brings this popular play to the big screen. Wolley is hilarious as Sheridan Whiteside. He’s arrogant, mean and loves to scheme. While some people adore him, others can’t stand his constant verbal abuse.

Nurse Preen: “I am not only walking out on this case, Mr. Whiteside, I am leaving the nursing profession. I became a nurse because all my life, ever since I was a little girl, I was filled with the idea of serving a suffering humanity. After one month with you , Mr. Whiteside, I am going to work in a munitions factory. From now on , anything I can do to help exterminate the human race will fill me with the greatest of pleasure. If Florence Nightingale had ever nursed YOU, Mr. Whiteside, she would have married Jack the Ripper instead of founding the Red Cross!”