It’s that time of year again when there’s nothing but crappy Christmas movies on so here are 12 movies that take place during Christmas but aren’t the same five you are going to find on every single network station for the next two weeks.

First up is Amicus Productions’ 1972 film adaptation of the some of the classic EC Comics’ stories. EC Comics was one of the most popular comic companies in the 1950’s and they mostly produced horror comics until DC Comics, along with an annoying book called Seduction of the Innocent by Fredric Wertham who claimed that the comics were evil and destroying children, decided to instigate a production code for comics that put EC out of business.

The film is an anthology and it contains five short stories that are adapted from different EC Comics. The first story is …And All Through the House which is a lovely Christmas story starring Joan Collins. Collins has murdered her husband on Christmas Eve. At the same time a psychopath has escaped and is dressed up as Santa Claus and is trying to break into Collins house. She won’t call the cops because she’s afraid to get caught for her own horrible crime.

The rest of the stories are awesome as well. The Christmas story was remade by Robert Zemeckis for the 1989 TV series but the original is still the best.