It almost seems that writer / director Shane Black loves to set movies around Christmas time. His screenplay for Lethal Weapon was set at Christmas time and this film, which is Black’s directorial debut is also set at this magical time of year.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) starts off near Christmas where a couple of thieves, Robert Downey Jr. and his friend, have broken into a story to do some last minute shopping /stealing. The cops arrive and give chase. Downey’s friend is shot and Downey escapes by running into a casting call. The people think he’s there to audition for a part and because it’s similar to the events that have just occurred, his naturally reactions get him the part.

Downey is flown out to L.A. where he is sent to Val Kilmer an ex-cop and current private detective for cop acting lessons. At a party Downey meets an old childhood friend, Michelle Monaghan, and tells her that he’s a private detective. She comes to him for help concerning her missing sister and soon Downey is up to his neck in dead bodies.

This film is a fun gritty ride. It was a critical hit and it did modest business in the film’s limited release. Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr. will be teaming up again in Iron Man 3 which I’m certain will be set at Christmas time, snow blowing across Iron Man’s armour with a dead prostitute falling out of Stark Towers. Or maybe not. Time will tell.