Rosie’s Top Six Complete With Hookers, Cross-Dressers, Wrestlers and Brad Wall

NOT THAT THERE`S ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT, HANK: There’s probably a very good reasons for a grown man to be photographed wearing women’s underwear (CJAD) with a woman who’s not his wife: he`s a trans-sexual, a transvestite, he’s Eddie Izzard, (Vanity Fair) he’s not married, what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom/dinner table/hanging from the living room chandeliers is their own business, whatever. But ex-Saskatchewan Roughrider quarterback Henry Burris has not uttered any of those reasons. Instead he`s come up with at least four different explanations of why he ended up in these photographs: (Deadspin) the photo was Photoshopped, it was a fundraiser for breast cancer research, it was a stag gone off the rails, it was a prank at a birthday party, it`s a plot by Saskatchewan Roughrider fans to discredit him … whatever. Rob Vanstone can buy this, (Leader-Post) but I don`t. Mostly because Burris is a drama queen, always was, always will, a good reporter’s bullshit detector goes off when the subject of ridicule can’t keep his story straight, and the louder Burris raves, the less people may notice that Burris, a ‘happily married man,’ isn’t wearing his wedding ring in the photos.

SPEAKING OF WHORES … The recent Supreme Court of Ontario decision regarding prostitution and sex trade workers’ rights to a safe workplace is given a pretty good analysis by The Star’s Antonia Zerbiasais (her blog). The problem with the ruling is this – while the high end prostitutes can now hire their own security and have a place to work from, those on the lower end of the scale will not. They will have to rely on pimps and hope that the johns take it easy on them. Which didn’t work out so well for those who ended up at Robert Picton’s farm (Serial Killers) or who were John Crawford’s bad dates. (Wikipedia)

MAX LEAVES TEAM COCO I didn’t think there was that much trouble in Conan’s paradise, but Max Weinberg, the drummer and bandleader for The Max Weinberg Seven, is leaving the gig. (Pop Crunch) There’s a few reasons – Max is getting on in years and it’s a tough grind, Max wants to continue his day job with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band … but there’s one story out there that suggests Conan was angry that Max was actually angling for the Tonight Show’s musical director’s job after Kevin Eubanks left Leno’s show? (E! Online) Ummm, that would be a Pete Best move …

Too bad, so here’s a funny Max moment on Conan when the redhead and NBC were still on speaking terms …

FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT Rowdy Roddy Piper fights childhood obesity his way. (Funny or Die)

ANOTHER REASON NOT TO READ THE GLOBE AND MAIL Rick Salutin and Tabitha Southey got the high jump. (The Tyee)

BRAD WALL DOESN’T LIKE SASKATOON PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM POLICIES Even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then, and the premier found his with his criticisms of the Saskatoon public school system’s plan to turn a blind eye to issues concerning student plagiarism and late assignments. (CBC Saskatchewan) See, outside of school, taking credit for someone else’s work and not getting your work done on time gets you into trouble – like I’m going to get because I’m late getting this Top Six done.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m about to type this but: I agree with Brad Wall on the S’toon Public School Board policy. Come on trustees let’s think about what message you are sending to the kids.


  2. Re: the Ontario Superior Court ruling on sex trade work. Your post is kind of confusing Stephen. As it stands at present, sex trade workers on the lower end of the spectrum are vulnerable to violence and abuse from johns and pimps precisely because of the laws that outlaw communication for the purposes, living off the avails and keeping a bawdy house. It’s the position of the litigant (SPOC–Sex Professionals of Canada) that these laws force sex trade workers to operate on the extreme margins of society. SPOC feels that decriminalizing sex work would enhance the safety of workers by permitting them to operate in a more formal business setting. The feds appear intent on appealing the ruling, and it could ultimately reach the Supreme Court of Canada several years down the road.

  3. The Premier got one right! Stop the presses!
    All joking aside… damn right they should be tough on plagiarism.
    Late assignments, well…. that is a “use your judgment depending on the situation” kind of thing. Sometimes it is not unreasonable to negotiate a new deadline, while sometimes it is simply “hey this is what you get when you leave it to the last minute AGAIN, learn better habits!”

  4. Honestly, Greg, I can’t see the ruling having much meaning for street-based survival sex-workers, like many of the victims of Robert Pickton. However, it could open the door for agencies that support & protect these women (as well as male and transgendered survival sex-workers) to provide more open and useful above-board safety and security support measures, if they can somehow find the extra funding.

  5. I wouldn’t characterize that as a problem with the ruling though Emmet. It’s probably true that those on the lowest rung of the sex trade operate almost independent of the criminal law in that their options are so severely limited that, absent the proper supports you mention, they have to take pretty much anything that comes their way. But more progressive laws would presumably help a lot of sex trade workers and maybe lead to a more enlightened attitude in our society toward the whole industry. Not that there’s not a lot more legal fighting still to come.

  6. Rosie: most men wish they looked that good in a bra. Burris’ abs trump your disapproval.

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