Daily AggregationGood morning, Regina! Good news: as of today, the sun is finally up before eight a.m. — 7:58 to be precise. Sunset is at 6:27, for 10 hours and 29 minutes of glorious daylight. Temperature is one degree Celcius, and the high is supposed to be plus-two. Here’s some of what’s up in the world.

1. CRAP WATER FOR FIRST NATIONS Canada needs to do better than this.

2. REGINA MIGHT JOIN AN ARTS RESEARCH THINGY The city will join Saskatoon, Winnipeg and others in the The Prairie Partnership for Arts Research, pending council approval.

3. “WALLIDAYS”, HAHAHA The Leader-Post’s Murray Mandryk picks apart the premier’s plan which now has a good nickname.

4. A BUS-EYE VIEW OF DISTRACTED DRIVERS Regina police have a new plan to catch drivers looking at their cell phones. I hope you’re reading this, friend-who-knows-who-you-are.

5. THE PM HEARTS PIPELINES Monkey Beach author Eden Robinson calls out Justin Trudeau for not facing Vancouver’s pipeline wrath.

6. VANCOUVER AQUARIUM: STILL WITH THE BELUGAS Sounds like West Coast Canadians will get another decade of captive cetaceans, despite the mysterious deaths of two whales last year and ongoing criticisms that whales, dolphins and other large, intelligent sea mammals shouldn’t be in captivity, period.



9. YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH RACISM AND TRANSPHOBIA BUT PEDOPHILIA IS STILL TABOO Horrible human Milo Yiannopoulos lost a book deal and has been kicked out of a conservative conference after flippantly suggesting it’s healthy for 13-year-old boys to have relationships with men. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Dan Savage has a column on this here.

10. TODAY IN TRUMPLAND President Bigly problematically bashes the media, might appoint a climate change skeptic as his science advisor, and seems to have helped protect America from British teachers. Fortunately there’s a browser extension that replaces photos of Trump with pictures of kittens. I just tried it out. Works all right!

ARCHER: DREAMLAND Holy shitsnacks! This looks fun.