The Lazys

Canuck cock-rocker Danko Jones is the headliner at this gig, which goes Friday April 10 at the Exchange. I’ve never been a fan myself, but the back-up band is worth checking out.

They’re called The Lazys, and they’re blues rockers from Australia in the mold of AC/DC, but with more of a garagey sound. The band’s a five-piece, with Leon Harrison (vocals), Mathew Morris (lead guitar), Liam Shearer (guitar), Glenn Williams (bass) and Jay Braslin (drums).

The Lazy’s released their debut EP in 2009. Last fall, their self-titled full-length arrived at the office in advance of their gig with The Headstones at the Agribition Building on Nov. 1, and it became a favourite listen of mine when I was in the mood for some raunch rock.

Tickets areĀ $25. And to set the table for The Lazys here’s the video for their tune “Shake It Like You Mean It”:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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