Queen City Rocks

For the past two months local rock bands have been going toe-to-toe in a good old fashioned Battle of the Bands sponsored by a local rock station that shall remain nameless. During the five-part preliminary round a howling good time was had by all, I imagine, and the initial pack of 30 bands has been culled to five.

On Thursday, April 2 the surviving bands (League of One, Mother Night, Braindead Romeo, Majetik and Hello, Lady) will compete for alpha status in the Grand Finale at the Exchange. At stake is a prize package as juicy and delectable as a freshly killed caribou carcass — to borrow a lupine analogy.

There’s a $10 cover for the all-ages show, and partial proceeds go to Music Heals where therapists use music as a tool for promoting health and well-being — like say, if someone was attacked by a wolf when out for a hike in the wild, and ended up suffering physical and mental trauma. Music could be used as part of the therapy to help them heal.

To set the stage for the battle, here’s the video for Braindead Romeo’s 2012 tune “Comin’ Up Roses”

Author: Gregory Beatty

Greg Beatty is a crime-fighting shapeshifter who hatched from a mutagenic egg many decades ago. He likes sunny days, puppies and antique shoes. His favourite colour is not visible to your inferior human eyes. He refuses to write a bio for this website and if that means Whitworth writes one for him, so be it.

46 thoughts on “Queen City Rocks”

  1. We have rock bands? Thought rock was dead. Joe Walsh put out a new album recently and was never played by any “rock” stations here in Regina.

  2. What a stupid article. I bet you guys are fans of that sugar coated douche, Woody because he likes to wear plaid shirts too.

    Hipsters…bane of the Universe and proof why there is no God.

  3. What a stupid article. I bet you guys are fans of that sugar coated douche, Woody because he likes to wear plaid shirts too.

    Hipsters…bane of the Universe and proof why there is no God.

  4. Why not mention the Wolf? This is a great event promoting local music. I don’t understand the need for a pretentious undertone.

  5. So Gregory Beatty is too cool for school that he has to diss The Wolf for hosting an event that promotes local bands AND he pokes fun at a charity? Seriously? What a dick move. What next, take candy from a child or make fun of a kid with Down Syndrome? Not too classy, Prairie Dog.

  6. Lol, this “paper” is so petty and hipster elitist it’s funny. Way to minimize an amazing event for local acts because you’re too cool for their sponsor (too pathetic more like). If cathedral being voted best neighborhood to raise a family in you’re paper doesn’t tell you surely enough how bias and invalid the prairie dog is, I don’t know what will.

  7. You must be having trouble growing out your beard. That’s a think for you now right…Lumberjack douche?

  8. As far as I can tell this is an event promoting local musicians, a local non-profit venue, and a charity. The tone of this article strikes me as odd, given the positive nature of this event, but even more strange is your dismissive attitude toward Music Heals. I can’t tell if you’re trying to start beef, or just too glib to try to see what’s good about this type of event.

  9. The part of this article that bothers me the most is your disrespect towards and ignorance of music therapy and it’s benefits. As someone who works with special needs children and has seen the benefits of music therapy on a weekly basis I am appalled at this “reporters” article. All it appears to be is someone who does not like The Wolf radio station and is willing to take jabs at a charity that is helping people in order to further their own agenda. Shame on Prairie Dog magazine for publishing this “news article”!

  10. This is so ridiculous. Clearly you are talking about 104.9 The Wolf, and you never say why the battle of the bands started out well but isn’t going well now? You try to put the wolf down in an extremely immature way and there doesn’t even seem to be a reason. Obviously some stupid personal reason and it makes you look super lame.

  11. That’s a lot of words and finger jabbing to say:

    For the past two months 104.9 The Wolf has staged a successful battle of the bands promotion.
    For only $10 you can see the final 5 of 30 local bands.
    On the line are prizes and, of course, bragging rights., with proceeds going ‘Music Heals’…mental health aid through music. Good job, you fuzzy fellers, too bad you beat this old dog to the punch.”

    But you’re too hip, edgy and ironic to do real journalism, and like to type just to fill space and admire what you wrote.

    That’s ok too. It’s not a contest to see who has a better media outlet We’re all special. We all get ribbons..

  12. People like you call into question the need for free press. You are a smear on the journalism profession. Oh, you’re not a professional? I can tell. Bush league. Not sure who is to blame here. You for such a terrible, biased and immature piece of writing or the prairie dog for wasting ink printing it. Either way I hope there is a donation to music heals coming as an apology for belittling what they do.

  13. I work with children who have different development problems, and on a day today basis I find music is what helps them hugely to concentrate and help relieve stress. You sir poked fun at something you have no information about and no understanding about! Before you start poking fun at music therapy maybe have a look into into it, do a little research on the pros and cons or dear I say do a little jurnalisum. Have you been down to the battle of the bands? I think not, and sadly you felt the need to cut down something that you really did no leg work on, to form an opinion and then sent it out in hopes the public would agree and slap you on the back saying “well done!” Well I feel most people are now laughing at your childish artical, next time you want to stand up on your soap box and tell people what to think, do it on 13 ave. we don’t need your narrow minded opinion force fed to use through a local paper.

  14. Real mature. Bashing a local event that some people clearly enjoy and belittling the charity they are supporting. Classy act. Maybe you could support local the way the rest of the community does, huh? Was there even a point to this pathetic article?

  15. I see what you were trying to do here, but I think ya’ll missed the mark on this one.

  16. Well. That was interesting. Spite looks bad on everyone, this article looks very , very bad on you, Prairie Dog. What’s up with the hate? Very disappointing, especially since alot if the music you have promoted in the past has been sub par. Someone sounds a little jealous, or maybe just needs to eat a snickers.

  17. This article makes me want to release a Prarie dog all over it. Wouldnt be the first time these idiots made stupid remarks. Clearly some hipster douche is unable to admit something popular is cool. Shave your beard and dress normal you clown.

  18. This is the most immature thing I have read in a long time. If the Prairie Dog is using journalists of this caliber it should just stop printing. Bashing the Wolf and a worthy charity it supports in such an infantile way is bad for in anyway. I sincerely hope Music Heals gets a nice healthy apology and donation
    The “reporter” that wrote this should be fired as well.

  19. I think this is perhaps being misinterpreted as I’m sure if Greg had wanted to write a “scathing article” or “massive diss” it would be much more obvious and not just sounding like an article that is confusing and perhaps missed the mark. I’ve known Greg for years and he is neither a hipster nor a snob nor a 7 year old – nor does he have a hipster man bun – the fellow has been bald since I first met him 13 years ago (when he did a review of my 1st cd in the Prairie Dog – which wasn’t exactly a rave review but had moments of positive with utter honesty that hey – it did leave room for improvement for my 17 year old self). Anyway, just would like to say “hold on” before the lynch mob ensues…. that this seems like just a failed attempt at some word play whereby not mentioning the station but the REPEATEDLY referencing “wolves” in round about ways was an attempt at humor to communicate something possibly taken for granted as “obvious” about the event in an attempt at a “unique” delivery. Again it does seem to have missed the mark…. but the intention is clearly to still publicize the event or why would they mention or publish it all? I can understand being dissatisfied with the delivery of the coverage, but personally attacking the man, demonizing him, blowing this out of proportion to the point of being DISGUSTED or him loosing his job or being run out of town or sent off the planet…. come on guys. Greg has been a supporter of live music for at LEAST the 13 years I have known him and probably longer and I’ve seen him at more live shows in Regina in those years than many of you combined! You just wouldn’t know because he is often quietly in a corner observing unnoticed to the loud and boisterous. Perhaps The Wolf could raise these concerns to Greg by contacting the Prairie Dog before going on a smear campaign of the man’s reputation and personal livelihood after YEARS of covering local live music INCLUDING rock n roll and I’m sure Wolf Events. Let’s just all take a chill pill and realize this town ain’t so big and you don’t realize the people you are publicly shaming and slandering are probably standing across from you at the bar tonight….

  20. I don’t think the Wolf is smearing HIM, it’s his “journalism” being called into question.

    It IS a small town. Which is why it is so bizarre someone would post this.

  21. Looks like you got the reaction you were looking for Greg. It’s still not going to help further your journalism “career.” I could go on about this event, like most have. You know, all the positives it has done for the local music scene, and all the money it has raised for an amazing charity, but maybe you should check out the event for yourself. The two bands that have won previous years, two bands your paper has supported in a significant way, Indigo Joseph and The Dead South, would not have otherwise ever received air play on an Active Rock Station. So, if supporting local music, giving the bands money, gift certificates to a Long and McQuade and Subway and playing their single a few hundred times is wrong, you should enlighten everyone on what is right.

  22. What a terrible and embarrassing article. If this it the type of “journalism” that Prairie Dog is wanting to display, they really have to start thinking about closing up shop. PD has always been weak in their selection of what they cover in the city, but this sets a new bar for being inept in that area.

    Talking negative about a worthwhile campaign to raise money for a charity that showcases and presents local bands who may never have got this opportunity previously is just in poor taste. It’s one thing to not like the music, but look at the bigger picture and how much good it’s doing.

    Prairie Dog misses the point again, but is that really a surprise?

    Best of luck to all the bands and let’s help this terrific charity….Music Heals

  23. Hey dudes and dudettes. I’ve been on the payroll of both companies involved in this tussle. Both have some really amazing staff and both do fantastic work. You know when your one liberal friend gets drunk and picks a fight with your other drunk rock and roll friend? That’s all this is. A drunk fight caused by an incoherent statement. Let’s all be cool and do some Easter shots.

  24. this guy obviously listens to childrens tunes. no wonder he writes for a douche magazine like prairie dog. nobody else will print his crap. any body who supports this contest rocks…kudos to you…..all others and haters can join him in the kindergarten room!

  25. So the Prairie Dog has another dig at local bands. Keep it up guys and you’ll have no readers. Bet you wouldn’t have felt the same if the club or the radio station actually advertised with you. You can bet they won’t now. Thing is you’re not being controversial and hard hitting like the big boy news outlets, you’re just being dicks. If you have such a hate on for local music and seems like cover bands in particular why not do a trash story on Regina’s oldest and most popular cover band and see what happens? Here’s a link to their site….http://reginasymphony.com

  26. I think I owe Greg an apology. I had just woken up and read the article. Still not an excuse, but after reading it a second and even third time, I missed the point. Not something that happens often, but I am sorry. I know you have been a supporter of local music for many years so I was shocked at first. Lessons still to be learned at 33. Way to promote the event!

  27. hmm disappointed by the praire dog yet again, I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened. You guys should get rid of this dead weight, or call it quits all together.

  28. I appreciate the sense of humour and the promotion of the event, even with the side-step around the direct accreditation of the station. I can understand that. I’ve been forced to do that dance on numerous occasions to promote worthwhile events regardless of “commercial concerns”.

    Music Heals is doing some great work, and that part did come across a bit glib, which is unfortunate. They’re a great partner and despite being BC based, have gone above and beyond to guarantee that all funds will be allocated to Regina and area programming as they continue to expand their scope.

    I would note that it was 25 bands that made the live performance rounds of this year’s event.

    All that aside, we’re ramping up for a great show tonight with 5 absolutely fantastic local acts. There’s a lot of time and effort that’s gone into this musical discovery/concert series (we try our best to not frame it as a ‘battle of the bands’ as while there are prizes involved as a matter of course, it’s more about bringing the branches of the various scenes together).

    Anyway, I invite everyone to come out tonight. There’s even free burritos with your $10 admission. (I know we’re being non-commercial here, but can I give a plug to Taco Del Mar for that? Because, seriously, that’s pretty cool of them).


  29. I think Battle Of The Bands is great, I think it’s terrific that The Wolf sponsors it, and I agree with the general sentiment that Greg’s jokes could’ve been better (though on re-reading, they’re not THAT bad). Still, while many of your comments are fair and reasonable, others are a HUGE over-reaction — some of you guys are much too sensitive.

    Cut Greg a little slack: he’s put more work into promoting Regina events than 99.9 per cent of this city’s population. He’s also written some great stuff along the way.

    The important thing is the event. It should be awesome! Hope Queen City Rocks turns out great.

  30. HEADS UP! Incoming people getting up in arms! Oh no! Someone wrote a joke that wasn’t to my taste, what ever shall I do?

    I for one enjoyed the article, had a little chuckle and found out the entire thing was for charity, win/win.


  31. Why did I bother reading this “article?”
    I had my suspicions about The Prarie Dog based on some their past “journalism.”
    What an awful article. I certainly won’t be picking up a Prairie Dog “newspaper” anytime soon.

  32. I doubt the traffic from the Wolf’s FB page will even read the rest of the site, articles etc… PD has always promoted local acts in Regina, and this is no different. If they didn’t post or write an article, that would probably be worse than a little slip and slide article. Don’t fret, listeners and “I’m gonna get my friends after you” types, go and enjoy some Taco Del Mar and some great tunes and keep Chivin’ On and fist bumpin!

  33. I say good on this guy….no one reads his blog…So you should thank the nameless station and all devoted members of its pack…people are finally reading something you wrote!! Just be careful…Wolves aren’t pets…they can tear Prairie Dogs apart ;)

    – Marcello

  34. Sorry, I don’t get what the big deal is.

    1- Prairie Dog Magazine did an article promoting the Queen City Rocks event tonight. Free PR, that’s a good thing!

    2 – League of One, Mother Night, Braindead Romeo, Majetik and Hello, Lady got some free PR, which is a really good thing for any local band.

    3 – The charity Music Heals got some free PR.

    4 – Music Heals got a link to their website – which is very important if you know anything about SEO and Google ranking. (do a Google search for “Regina Rock Band” and see what comes up)

    5 – Braindead Romeo got their video “Comin’ Up Roses” posted up which means a number of people (including me) clicked and watched it (pretty damn good by the way).

    6 – It is common practice by all media to not directly mention the name of any other media (I’m sure it’s some sort of legal thing), so Mr. Beatty did everything he could to infer 104.9 without actually printing it.

    7 – Finally, I think Prairie Dog Mag was rather successful with this article. So far 36 people have posted comments on their webpage and quite a number of people have posted comments, shared it, or liked it on FaceBook.

    In the end try to remember – even bad PR is better than no PR.

  35. Lots of different opinions on this, most leaning against the article. Here is my thoughts..

    1. Takes Prairie Dog two minutes to make minor corrections to make this article not offensive.

    2. @Milkman Son’s, I am confident though I am not a law practitioner, that it is not against the law to mention other media’s name, in exception to when the content can do damage, that may lead to a lawsuit situation. (slandering, and what not)

    3. Additionally true this PR has been great for everyone, but now I look down at prairie dog as a bit petty. ( Still waiting for their companies response or article corrections )

    4. Lets not over look that aside from everything I could over-look, they seemed to poke fun at a charity.

    I’ll say it again, I am all for the idea this was a mis-understanding or a mistake, but it can be corrected, fixed, apologized for, and or improved upon. The fact that nothing has happened makes all of us angry reader appear that much more correct.

  36. Much ado about nothing. The charity joke was just lame, but not mentioning the radio station by name likely is the result of Harvard Radio not doing business with PD. Just good policy. Why give them the plug? It seems Wolf listeners are a butthurt bunch. If they were a real, progressive and community oriented radio station, they’d find at least a little space on their playlist for all of the bands. Nobody says they have to stop playing Nipplesack, just throw the local bands a bone for real, and don’t try to fool people into thinking you actually give a shit about local music. The Wolf, and all commercial radio stations, have to contribute X amount of dollars every year to something called CCD, Canadian Content Development. Some stations just write a cheque to things like Factor,(the foundation to assist Canadian talent on record) but others throw up these events like Battle of the Bands or Rawlco’s 10KWhatever contest to try to harvest some local goodwill. I’m not saying it’s bad…clearly there is some benefit to local artists…but don’t believe for one second that they would do this if they didn’t have to spend the money on it. They don’t really care abut local music. They’d rather play the same 200 songs you can sing along to, over and over.

  37. Stay classy, Prairie Dog. You lost a lot of respect with this ‘article’ – including mine.

  38. this is the worst article (blog post) I’ve ever seen in my life. It translates to me: “I know absolutely nothing about this event or the bands but I should probably post something so it looks like I support the local music scene. I’ll just take the info off the poster and put a bunch of analogies and cute stories in to fill space and make it look like I actually know what I’m talking about and then I’ll throw a few joke in so I get some hipster street cred for being too cool for it”. Guess that’s why you don’t charge money for your mag…its worthless.

  39. LOL at all the knuckleheads fiercely defending a radio station that plays Hinder 19 times a day. Keep Calm And Chive On everyone

  40. Just wondering when I will finally get a response from Prairie Dog regarding my interest in their market place section……
    . Been waiting for a reply for WEEKS!

  41. Indigo Joseph in 2013 and The Dead South in 2014 set such a terrible precedent in this local charity event, eh Greg?
    There’s not much to say, that hasn’t been said here already, concerning your article… hell, you’ve even got defenders of your “support” for local music. What I find missing is a mention of the opportunity that Queen City Rocks gives these local bands, if not by exposure alone, then surely through the avenue that The Wolf gives them through the advertising of this event, word of mouth and even radio play to each of the five weeks’ winners.
    If you couldn’t have found the time to get to one of the six nights, then maybe the “I’ve gotta write this” attitude that comes through in your piece, should have been handled by someone else. For all your apparent dedication to the local scene, you’ve evidently missed something here.
    For everyone else who thinks this is a “support The Wolf” forum, re-reading the piece should show you how little it has to with local bands or local music. This’ll have to do ’till you can get your Corey Hart or Gino Vannelli fix.

  42. My dear question. Who is woody out of the loop here. Just moved back home. Does he have a blog? Is he the tax complainer? Dog go woof cats go….. You know the song. Local artist in Regina sometimes hate the one who wave their credit card. Ooo wait buy low sell high. That what I did with my small cap div. Meow. Someone enlighten me please…. Zing.

  43. Lol my goodness such childish highschool banter. Greg is talented. The wolf on the other hand is also good if he can learn a new trick. Ahhh one is trained well. As for ban bun hipster. You boys play too much together. Steve I hear a highway needs cleaning. Cash in trash out. Lol. Greg! you write the way you want too. Just throw a paper plane at him already. Lol

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