Hey folks. I did things on Friday night that were intimately related to the JUNO Awards.

Here’s Rah Rah in full rock star mode at the downtown JUNO Fest tent.

eleven lights at least

marshall on guitar

rah rah at junofest

We are unbelievably lucky to have a band like Rah Rah in this city. A national awards show is nice, but I’d rather hear Rah Rah playing the living hell out of “Prairie Girl” than Michael BublĂ© dumping out a can of one-liners for a crowd of music industry members. Someone should send a nice appreciative card to Rah Rah. Or maybe a DVD box set of The Facts of Life.

I also managed to capture Two Hours Traffic from PEI. Are they really that small? No, they were just far away. Or were they?*

two hours traffic

Saskatoon’s Foam Lake started out the evening. I didn’t get any pictures of the band, but I can report with full confidence that they played melodic guitar-driven pop with polish, flair and heavy beards.

Also, there was someone in the crowd I called Mr. Eyeballs. I put up his picture, but then I thought that he might object, whoever he is. So I took it down. In his place I give you Molly Ringwald singing and playing ukulele from the first season of The Facts of Life.

*Two Hours Traffic are an entirely regular-size band.