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City Hall
Mountains From Molehills

Petroleum lovers target council’s environmental agenda

Life Finds A Way
A Valentine’s Day guide to reproduction, sexual and otherwise

Oil’s Not Well
The political problem isn’t “leftists,” it’s oil idolaters

Split Take
Ugly divorce looms for U.S. Republican Party’s kook-conservative marriage

Science Matters
A $3.5 Million Pile Of Propaganda
Alberta’s pro-oil inquiry revisits a past era’s dark denial

Life Imitates Artpocalypse
Pandemic makes the Dunlop’s doomsday show more relevant than intended

Film Interview
One-Way Decline
Supernova’s Harry Macqueen talks about representation, dementia and the problem with one-way roads

Film Review
Black (Panther) Power
This biodrama about Chicago activist Fred Hampton recaps a shameful moment in U.S. history, in Judas and the Black Messiah

Television Man
Episode 28: Heavy Meta

My Music
with Melodie Gliem