Haunted StranglerBoris Karloff was a far better actor than he was ever credited. Stuck doing horror movies his entire career he did them extremely well. While he was prolific in the 1930’s and 40’s by the 1950’s he wasn’t very much in demand. With Hammer Studios bringing back the horror genre in the late 1950’s, rival movie producer Richard Gordon tried to jump into the horror game too.

In 1860 there’s murderous strangler on the loose. After killing five women a man is arrested, convicted and executed. 20 years later novelist and humanitarian Boris Karloff has decided to investigate the murders, believing that the wrong man was convicted.

Karloff believes that the young man convicted of the crime was innocent but too poor to afford a defense. Karloff’s investigations lead him to the scuzzy underbelly of England. He thinks he knows who the real killer is but once he exhumes the grave of supposed killer looking the murder weapon it appears that the Haymarket Strangler is back in business.

There’s a twist to this film that I won’t reveal but it’s pretty entertaining. Karloff is excellent in the film and the meager success of The Haunted Strangler lead to another movie right away.Corridors of Blood co-starred up and coming horror actor Christopher Lee and had the same director, Robert Day. While just as good as this film, it wasn’t as successful and Day, Gordon and Karloff didn’t collaborate again.