Queen City Confidential | by Anonymous

People complain they never have time to work out, cook homemade dinners or repair the faucet (like my husband said he’d do five months ago). Well, no more excuses, because this year we have a whole extra second to use to get stuff done.

That’s right — a leap second will be added to the clock on Dec. 31, 2016.

This is very exciting news for us all.

I mean, just think: next time you’re driving somewhere in a hurry, you don’t need to weave in and out of traffic cutting people off — you have extra time! Upset at the long wait for your caramel frapp? You can just chill, because you have extra time! The next time someone sneezes, you can wish them a very friendly “Gishwhes”—  because you have extra time!

You can watch grass grow, paint dry, and water boil. You can learn a new dance (may I suggest  John Jacobson’s “Double Dream Hands”? It’s on YouTube). Unfortunately, according to the Regina-based (but internally acclaimed) horologist organization Ministry of Silly Walks, most people will squander their extra second resetting their clocks after the change in time while others will waste it by tweeting about it (#second2none #secondthoughts). Whatever you do choose, make it count. Me? I’ll be sleeping in.

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