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2015-10-15 cover by Chris Graham

COMIC Murray Geister | by Dakota McFadzean READ

PROVINCE Slippery Slopes Anti-abortion crusaders see hope in their sneaky new strategy | by Kelly Malone READ

NEWS What Just Happened? | READ

ELECTION Meet The Modern Con How big business stooges replaced Canada’s old-school Tories | by Gregory Beatty READ

ELECTION Talking To Conservatives You’re voting for Harper? Huh, okay. So. Whyyyyyyy? | by Erik Woodley READ

ELECTION How To Punt Harper FPTP is a four-letter word but we can beat an obscene system | by Gregory Beatty READ

ELECTION Funderburk Fantasy I guess there’s no fool like an office election pool fool | by Francis Funderburk READ

BONUS COLUMN A Clear, Blue Choice Our View: vote Conservative, because reasons | READ

WORLD U.S. Vs. China, 2025 Is war inevitable? The TL;DR is “no”. Read this column anyway. | by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS Why VW Cheated An out-of-control car culture drove Volkswagen into a scandal | by David Suzuki READ

SPORTS Rule Vs. Drool Why our favourite teams will win the Stanley Cup, or not. | by Three Dumb Fanboys READ

MUSIC Enter: Space Joe Ultimate Power Duo takes demolition rock to outer space | by Charles Cassino READ

MUSIC How To Be An Ally Can a Caucasian musician take on residential schools? Yes. | by Hank Videoclip READ

MUSIC Sock Hop Hawksley Workman on music, aging and giving back |  by Craig Silliphant READ

COVER Bad Luck And LOVISH Library Voices survives theft, floods, eviction and bigots | by Hank Videoclip READ

ART We’ll Buy That Why do we want stuff? Do we want stuff? Let’s talk stuff. | by Gregory Beatty READ

FILM Srs Mountain Bznzz There’s like eight kerbillion tons of drama in Meru | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Cold War Winner Spielberg’s at the top of his game in Bridge Of Spies | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Hnetflix | by Shane Hnetka READ

QCC Union Truckers Ruined My Mail | by Anonymous READ