Gotta love those happy mornings when you’re belting out a song in the shower with a good lather going on, your head covered in shampoo. And suddenly there’s not even a trickle of water spurting from the showerhead. That’s what happened to me as I prepared to start my workday recently. I sloughed off most of the suds and called the fine folks at City Hall to find out what was going on, only to be told the water would be shut off for an indeterminate amount of time because a contractor had requested it that morning. Was it an emergency? Nope. Had I perhaps missed the notification of area residents in order to prepare for the water outage? Nope. The contractor forgot to give advance notice but the city complied with the water shut-off request anyway. After all, who cares about residents who can’t get to work, school, job interviews or medical appointments? Clearly, the city’s not there to serve you. It’s there for the contractors and businesses. Policies and action like this make me want to tell the mayor and council to go soak their heads — but if there’s any justice the water will be shut off in their neighbourhoods, too.

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