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BONUS COLUMN To Thrill A Mockingbird An appreciation of Harper’s groundbreaking new sequel | by A.G. Phlegm-Phlagm READ

LETTER Hey! Treaty Cards Still Work For Elections! READ

PROVINCE Pasties And Politics Saskatchewan’s stripper ban demolishes an artist’s free speech | by Paul Dechene READ

NEWS What Just Happened? READ

WORLD Nuclear Pact Fallout The Iran deal probably won’t change Middle East politics much. | by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS The Winds Of Change Is earth’s climate crisis finally shifting global awareness? | by David Suzuki READ

SCIENCE For The Shell Of It Let’s all learn about Sask turtles because they are so cool |by Gregory Beatty READ

PINTS Five Times Great Saskatchewan’s biggest brewery wins a fistful of medals | by Jason Foster READ

ART Lev’s Wild Whimsy Flexhaug’s paintings could be from a Wes Anderson movie | by Paul Dechene READ

FILM That Shrinking Feeling This dull Marvel miscalculation is missing the Wright stuff | by Paul Constant READ

FILM Middleweight Punch Southpaw is a solid but not substantial fight flick | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM A Better Bovary Sophie Barthes’ Flaubert flick doesn’t hate women | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Hnetflix | by Shane Hnetka READ

COVER Bengough ’Til You Drop Five reasons the Gateway Festival is your top July Jam | by Charles Cassino READ

MUSIC Agony Album How near-tragedy led to Adolyne’s best record yet | by Charles Cassino READ

QCC Crappy Campers | by Anonymous READ