Monkey Sex

QCCI live in an apartment building. Until recently, things have been good. But now I am tortured by the sound of one of my neighbours having furiously loud sex while another makes monkey noises. It’s strangely hilarious although horrifyingly uncomfortable. To avoid some kind of counselling, I needed to confide that as an anonymous source. /Anonymous

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY Queen City Confidential is an open forum for Prairie Dog readers to anonymously share their petty rants, workplace gripes, romantic woes and complaints about neighbours having loud sex and making monkey noises. You can say nice things too. E-mail your submission to (type CONFIDENTIAL in the subject field). Change everyone’s names and identifying details. Submissions must be 100-200 words. Please have a nice Valentine’s Day with lots of fun and sex, but if you live in an apartment building maybe dial down the noise a little bit.