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COVER Essentially Serve This Unions win big as the Supreme Court punts Brad Wall’s law | by Gregory Beatty READ

COVER Deep Sixed By The SCC The SFL’s historic win has an unfortunate, Bill 6-sized blemish | by Gregory Beatty READ

COVER What They Said A round-up of remarks on the Bill 5 ruling | READ

COVER How Did We Get Here? A timeline on the Bill 5 Supreme Court challenge | READ

COVER Foe Or Friend? Unions wouldn’t have won new Charter rights without anti-labour governments | READ

PROVINCE Crude Awakening Falling petro prices could end the boom. What can we do? | by Gregory Beatty READ

WORLD Faith And Gender Women are more likely than men to believe in God. Why? | by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS Business Before People Corporate-friendly Canada trades away environmental rights | by David Suzuki READ


FEATURE How To Have Sex A dummy’s guide to happy, super-fun and consensual nookie | by Erik Woodley READ

FILM REVIEW A Most Violent Year | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM REVIEW Leviathan | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM REVIEW The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Hnetflix | by Shane Hnetka READ

MUSIC A Good Year The Pistolwhips are cracking from Saskatoon to London | by Craig Silliphant READ


BONUS COLUMN Advice For Bachelors | READ

LETTERS Public? Private? Don’t Care. Just Want More Booze Choices. | READ

QCC Monkey Sex | READ