Repent, Homophobes

QCCTo the dumb old Christian couple that still thinks same sex marriage is a sin: you unbelievable assholes. Get over yourselves and your stupid, out-of-date ideas and beliefs. You think just because your kids grew up straight you’re off the hook for your bigotry? Think again. In the first place, you’ve got nieces, nephews and grandchildren, any of whom could turn out gay — and your religious-based ignorance and animus hurts them. In the second place, are you sure your kids are straight? Or are they hiding in the closet, terrified, because they love you and don’t want to lose your love by coming out as homosexual?

Do you even realize how terrible this makes you?

As an intelligent straight person who doesn’t give a shit about you, I can easily write you off as the stubborn, ignorant and frightened fuckwits you are. But this isn’t about me. This is about your kids and grandkids, your nephews, nieces and the other people you (claim to) love. Some of them are gay. Your ignorance harms them. Change your thinking. For them. /Anonymous

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