Ship Up And Boat Out

QCCDear neighbour who complained to the city about our boat being parked facing backwards on the street in front of our house: just so you know, the boat has been moved into the driveway. Although we’re sure you already know that… You seem to have an unnatural interest in its positioning. Oh, and the $25 ticket has been paid.

You could have knocked on the door, explained your concerns, and we would have listened. If we thought you were anything more than a bored, meddling busy-body, we would have moved it. If you see either of our vehicles at home and parked in a way which doesn’t offend your delicate sensibilities, please stop by. We would be more than happy to pour you a beer and suggest hundreds (and possibly thousands) of things to think about that are of much greater importance than our boat’s orientation.

On a personal note, I hear they are close to finding a cure for Cranial Rectal Syndrome. Wishing you a speedy recovery! /Anonymous

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