Older issues

Illustration by Dakota McFadzean


Monsters Of Folk Creatures, musicians and food: a Folk Festival guide for the perplexed | by Aidan Morgan READ

Weathering Changes Joel Plaskett on storms, studios and his Saskatchewan song| by James Brotheridge READ

The Gospel Of Soul Shelton sings up smiles with a little of this and that | by James Brotheridge READ

First Time For Real How will I feel when I hear the Indigo Girls live? | by James Brotheridge READ


NATION The War On Charities How a weaponized tax agency attacks Conservative enemies | by Gregory Beatty READ

CITY HALL Un-Ringing A Bell Torch-toting villagers might be chasing the wrong monster | by Paul Dechene READ

WORLD One Century Later The First World War: it really did change everything | by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS We Know You’re Wrong Climate change liars and deniers are increasingly desperate | by David Suzuki READ


PINTS The Pubs Of Portland There’s no better place for beer lovers than Oregon’s top city | by Jason Foster READ


ART Poster Apocalyptic Nigel Hood’s memorial logos honour Saskatchewan’s ghost towns | by Aidan Morgan READ

FILM REVIEW Guardians of the Galaxy | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Hnetflix by Shane Hnetka READ

ALBUM REVIEWS Arkells / Mirel Wagner / Prairie Cat / Mozart’s Sister  READ


QCC Beware The Blinding Glare READ

COMIC Chilblains | by Dakota McFadzean READ