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2014-02-06 (photo by Darrol Hofmeister)


CITY AGM Of Thrones Blood runs hot at YQR’s yearly school meet by Paul Dechene READ

FEATURE Olympics In Bigotland What does one do about the Sochi Games? by Rick Pollard READ

NEW BRIEFS Chad Novak| Veteran’s Affairs READ

IDEAS Dots, Connected It’s no accident life is getting harder: Workman by Gregory Beatty READ

WORLD Mea Culpa Those rumours of geo-engineering’s death have been greatly exaggerated by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS The Wrong Question Rail or pipeline? They’re both bad ideas. by David Suzuki READ


PINTS Brews For The Blues Been dumped? There’s a beer for that! by Jason Foster READ

REMEDIAL SCIENCE Take The Damn Shot Don’t buy the lies. Vaccines save lives. by Ashleigh Mattern READ


COVER Belle Plaine’s Blue Valentine’s The singer assembles Unrequited Love for a V-Day bash by Chris Morin READ

ARTS Some Thoughts On Stuff Johnston ponders products, progress and planned obsolescence by Gregory Beatty READ

FILM Fiennes’ Melodrama Voldemort stars in a true Victorian romance by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Hnetflix by Shane Hnetka READ

MUSIC Music For Movements ATCR: excellent beats and great politics by Chris Morin READ

MUSIC Sound Check by Amber Goodwyn READ

ALBUM REVIEWS Broken Bells | Dum Dum Girls | Damien Jurado | The Pinecones  READ


COMIC Chilblains by Dakota McFadzean READ

BONUS COLUMN Did You Know? The Sochi Olympics READ

TYPO WIENER Michael Trussler READ

QCC No Respect for Vets READ