I expect chain restaurants to boast about “special recipes” and “secret spices” but this trend of local food barns bragging about their “homemade sauces” and “all natural ingredients” is freakin’ ridiculous. You say your sauce is world-famous? Really? Did you discover soya? Are you the inventor of ketchup? How surprising that someone as important as you has time to operate a family restaurant in Regina, Saskatchewan!

And you say you use only “100 per cent all-natural” ingredients in all your recipes? Thank goodness! I wouldn’t want paranormal pepper on my hot wings!

Speaking of heat, I like Frank’s Red Hot as much as anyone but you didn’t patent it so don’t act like you’re the Alexander Graham Bell of spicy sauce because you put it on my back ribs. Make good food, charge a fair price and leave nonsense slogans to the chains. /Anonymous


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