October 31 – November 13, 2013

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NEWS BRIEFS Wolf Cop | Ordu & Amadi | SFL READ

PROVINCE P3 2: Education Boogaloo Peeps will be schooled as everyone’s fave public policy controversy returns by Paul Dechene READ

NATION Stupid Harper Tricks Balanced budget laws: the pinky-promise of desperate politicians by Paul Dechene READ

WORLD A Phone Tap Too Far The NSA has picked a fight it can’t win by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS The King’s In Trouble GMO crops devastate monarch butterflies by David Suzuki READ


PINTS Pints Wha Hae Scotland’s beer scene has a nice cask by Jason Foster READ

ART Some Overdue Love Underrated painters rock the MacKenzie by Gregory Beatty READ

FILM REVIEWS Ender’s Game | 12 Years A Slave | About Time READ

HNETFLIX Around the World in 31 Days of Horror by Shane Hnetka READ

COVER Jolene Higgins’ Barn Jamboree The pride of Nokomis makes records on ranches by Chris Morin READ

MUSIC REVIEWS Arcade Fire and many others READ

SOUND CHECK Amber’s Phases by Amber Goodwyn READ

COMIC Chilblains by Dakota McFadzean READ


LETTERS  What’s In The Box, Braaaaad? READ

QCC  You Didn’t Let Her Down Easy READ


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