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2013-10-17 Cover - by Myron Campbell


PROVINCE Sparks But No Fire A new agency won’t bring film back by Vanda Schmöckel READ

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS More Like Current A-Fears This Halloween, don’t just read the news, BE the news. by Paul Dechene READ

WORLD Convenient Outrage Self-interested African leaders blast the ICC by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS The Fukushima Effect Radiation leaks are never good but don’t quit fish yet by David Suzuki READ


COVER 13 Horrors Of Regina A guide to the monsters, menaces and evil forces that  terrorize our town READ

ACTIVITIES OF TERROR Scary Things To Do Halloween events? Regina has them. by Gregory Beatty READ

STREET SCARE The Zombieologist Plan for the best, prepare for the undead by Ashley Rankin READ


ART The Painter Returns Salgado’s portraits revive an old art form by Gregory Beatty READ

FILM The Bloody Envelope, Please! A top 10 list of terrific terror moments by Jorge Ignacio Castillo and Shane Hnetka READ

HNETFLIX Snowpiercer | Blue Jasmine | The Hobbit by Shane Hnetka READ

MUSIC The Long Road Home John, John, John, you’ve been gone so long by Chris Morin READ

SOUND HEX Courage and Subtle Manoeuvres by Amber Goodwyn READ

ALBUM REVIEWS Shad | Sleigh Bells | Tim Hecker | The Head and the Heart READ


BONUS COLUMN Mayor Of The Sea: Terror Of  The Sea by The Palinode READ

COMIC Chilblains by Dakota McFadzean READ

QUEEN CITY CTHULHU Pipe Down Wretched Mortals READ