One brave woman fights for us poor, maligned males

Editorial by Chris Kirkland

Finally: a lone, brave voice appears to defend the downtrodden in a world filled with oppressors.

I’m on bended knee to praise you, Alison Tieman. Heaven knows that with Canadian men constantly being discriminated against, abused and assailed on all sides by our hate-filled female overlords, us guys desperately need heroic collaborators like yourself, working on the inside of the halls of female power.

Tieman (who was interviewed in a recent issue of Verb — all by herself, with no pesky opposing viewpoint to offer up any inconvenient contrary facts, figures or reality checks!), says insightful things like, “It’s gotten to the point where feminism just isn’t listening to the male point of view anymore.” She also revealed herself as at least one of the people who put posters up in Saskatoon and Regina on behalf of A Voice For Men. Those posters helped us make the national news, people! We should be ever so proud!

The posters, if you haven’t seen them, point out that Canada is the “worst country in the world to be a man” — because of the rampant, radical feminist movement that holds sway over this country, of course. They also say things like “Feminism = male disposability.” Boy, did that hit home! Truer words have never been spoken.

This must have been very hard on Tieman — really, as a member of the ruling matriarchy that so obviously runs Canada, she could’ve simply stayed quiet and raked in the money, respect, prestige and safety that comes from being one of the favoured gender. Instead, she chose to fight for those of us under constant threat of wage discrimination, sexual exploitation and everyday discrimination — us men.

Again, thank god for her.

But make no mistake, it’s going to be a massive struggle, with little hope that we men (hee hee — rhymes with “semen,” which is just the kind of utterly hilarious joke the “femiNazis” say we’re not allowed to use anymore) will ever be able to attain equality in Canada.

I mean, just look at the stats:

— According to a Conference Board of Canada report, men make only 19 per cent more than women when it comes to wages in this country! To be fair, at least we’re not Norway (where men make only eight per cent more than women — ack!). But oh, to dream of Japan (an eminently fair 29 per cent!).

— There’s an obviously discriminatory number of women in our federal Parliament: 76 of the 308 members are women. That’s almost a full 25 per cent — and it’s an all-time record! Ghaa!

— Luckily, not one of the S&P/TSX 60 companies — the 60 largest publicly traded companies in Canada — have a female CEO (thanks to the CBC for this tidbit). Whew! But don’t get too complacent, men: no less than 11 per cent of the board members on those companies are women! Can complete female domination of our stock market be far behind?

So kudos to Ms. Tieman for standing up to the ultra-radical feminist puppetmasters in charge of this nation. Where would all of us voiceless, powerless males be without you?


Chris Kirkland is the editor of Planet S and an associate editor of Prairie Dog. A version of this article appeared on Dog Blog at