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PD Cover 2013-08-08


The Human Time Capsule Charles Bradley’s later-life revival rules by Carl Johnson READ

I Remember Neko Case left a mark on young, dumb me by Emmet Matheson READ

Friends And Old Folks Jurvanen: likes festivals, is handsome by John Cameron READ

BONUS COLUMN Fascinating Folk Festival Facts! READ


The End Of Pot Panic Wrong-on-weed Conservatives don’t get it: Canadians want drug laws based on facts by Gregory Beatty READ

NEWS BRIEFS Downtown Shuttle, Sherwood Village READ


WORLD Murder Before Love Monogamy: it’s for baby-killing bastards by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS Why Bees Are Dying Scientists are figuring it out, and it’s bad by David Suzuki READ

EDITORIAL For Men, Indeed One brave woman fights for us poor, maligned males by Chris Kirkland READ


STREET WEAR Model On A Mission Miss Teen Regina wields a mighty crown by Gregory Beatty READ

PINTS From Plodding Turtles To Hopping Rabbit  The once-stodgy beer world is suddenly drunk on trends by Jason Foster READ


FILM REVIEWS Elysium and I’m So Excited by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

HNETFLIX 47 Ronin, Comic-Con by Shane Hnetka READ


ALBUM REVIEWS Rae Spoon, Dinosaur Bones, POP.1280, Dog Party READ

SOUND CHECK Queen City Ex, Moving, Shows! by Amber Goodwyn READ


TYPO WIENER Yasmin Wooldridge READ

QCC Your Hoarding’s Getting Boring READ

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