tw0613Rory Hennigan

Rory knows all about high stakes games. Not only did he score 10 beans and a much-coveted T-shirt in our Typo Wiener contest, he also recently played a huge game of pool against his girlfriend. Born and raised in Calgary, Rory had started dating a woman from here. When it came time to decide where they should live they faced off in a pool game.

Rory’s loss ended up being Regina’s gain, and he’s been living here since last November. After the long stretch of futility they’ve endured (2003-04 excepted), Rory, who works as a house painter, characterizes himself as a lapsed Flames fan. But he remains a fan of the Stamps.

I’m not actually sure what the typo was that won Rory this contest, but when I asked him what he was going to do with his prize money, he said he was going to spend it on a birthday outing to Wonderland Arcade.

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