Yeah, I have a nice bike — a really sweet ride. And I deserve it, too, because from April to October cycling is my major mode of transport. So imagine how pissed I was when I locked up outside the Cornwall Centre on 11th Ave. a couple of Sundays ago, only to find when I returned that some stupid jerk had attempted to steal my bike by unbolting the frame from the quick release wheel.

Of course, I’m not stupid and had passed the lock through both the wheel and the frame when securing it to the rack. After discovering you couldn’t STEAL my bike, KNOB, you stole the bolts that lock the wheel onto the frame.

You’d think in a high traffic area like that, even the dumbest of vandals would be wary of messing with a properly locked up bike. But apparently not. And thanks to you (and all the people who walked past and didn’t question the actions of a loon bashing at my nice silver bike with a wrench) I’ve had to absorb an unnecessary expense and endure a considerable amount of inconvenience.

Bike vandals, you SUCK!


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